Welcome to Armentrout Pipes!  My name is Nathan Armentrout
and my journey to making pipes has followed a path familiar to
many other pipemakers.  I started with a few pre-drilled pipe kits
as more of a self-imposed dare than a legitimate attempt to make
beautiful pipes and, as you could probably guess, they were anything
but beautiful.  However, I quickly became enamored with every step
of the process and set out to learn everything I could about pipes
and their construction.  With the help of a few deeply appreciated
professional and hobbyist pipe makers, my pipes soon began to be
more than just vehicles for tobacco and I was paying as much
attention to the aspects of form and finish as I was to function and
mechanics.  Since late 2009, I have been practicing and perfecting my
skills, researching and expanding my knowledge base and tooling up
my shop, all of which are part of what is sure to be a life-long pursuit
of the perfect pipe.

Pipemaking is a journey made one pipe at a time and it is my goal
that each step on the journey, each pipe I make, is better than the
last.  I am committed to making 100% hand-made pipes from the
finest available materials to provide smokers and collectors with both
a satisfying smoke and a beautiful pipe.  My desire is to pursue the
beauty and precision of classical shapes while adding touches of a
modern and artistic aesthetic.  All the pipes I offer are ones that I
would be proud to smoke myself.  I hope you feel the same.

Happy Smoking!

Me and Mike Lancaster from TPC
at the West Coast Pipe Show.
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News, etc..